Puntagorda - What to See and Where to Go!

Puntagorda is a popular little town in the north-west of La Palma between the municipalities of Garafia to the north and Tijarafe to the south. The pine forests rise above the town towards the top of the island while below, the sweeping landscape flows down to the sea.  And conveniently, with the LP1 main road running just above Puntagorda town rather than through it, life in town stays pretty much in the slow lane.
However, access to the town from the main road is very easy with several entrances, although admittedly this does tend to confuse the uninitiated! With the help of the kilometre road markers, it's good to know that you can dodge down any of the roads between 76km and 77km and you will quickly reach the town at one point or another.

Puntagorda is made up of four principal areas those being:
El Fayal and El Pinar - north end
El Pino (the ‘town’ part in the middle)
Fagundo and El Roque - south end.
The south and the north are connected by a wide, straight road usually referred to as La Avenida. With attractive balustrading along part of it, La Avenida blends the two areas seamlessly together. 

El Pino is essentially the heart of Puntagorda. Not only is it where most of the shops, facilities and Town Hall are but it has also got two main features:
The Town Clock on the central mini-roundabout which is a great landmark and point of reference and also El Pino itself - a huge and much revered pine tree which presides over many of the fiestas.

Main Points of Interest in the area of Puntagorda

  • Tourist Information Office with exhibition
  • Miradors of Puntagorda (view points):
       Mirador El Fayal with a glass panel in the floor
       Mirador Mira Flores
       Mirador de los Dragos – la Palma crazy trees
  • Church of San Mauro de Abad
  • El Mercadillo Weekend Market: probably the most popular market on La Palma
  • Gofio Museum and Murals on bus stops
  • Molino el Roque: Old windmill
  • Puerto de (Port of) Puntagorda: little bay
  • Picnic Park El Fayal: A recreation and BBQ area among pine trees

A Few Facts

Puntagorda municipality covers 31 sq. km. rising from sea level to Roque Chico, its highest point, at 2372m above sea level.
It has a population of 2,025 residents (in 2016).
The town itself is roughly 700m above sea level.
Puntagorda has the highest number of foreigners living there.
Los Llanos, the biggest city on La Palma, is 22km away.

Puntagorda Market, El Mercadillo

Having opened in 2002, Puntagorda market has quickly become one of the 'go-to places' on La Palma, not just for the eco-fruit and vegetables but for the vibe!
While stocking up on fresh produce, it's a great chance to pick up hand-made gifts along with a slice or two of declicous cake, local wine, hand-made cigars or fresh meat for the weekend BBQ!

Opening times of Puntagorda Market, El Mercadillo
Saturday from 15:00hrs to 19:00hrs
Sunday from 11:00hrs to 15:00hrs