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Do  you have a handy hint or treasured tip about your holiday on La Palma? Can you recommend a restaurant, a wonderful walk, a secret cove or did opening times of a museum change? Then tell us all about it here!

Handy Hint or Top Tip

02 March
Travel, Restaurant, Banana Museum in Tazacorte and time to year to visit La Palma
  • Buy a Bono Card for bus travel, much cheaper.
  • Great Drive - LP301 El Pilar road, stunning scenery. 
  • Restaurant Briesta on LP1 at Garafia for great local cuisine
  • Banana Museum in Tazacorte - well worth a visit and you will never look at a banana in the same way again!! It is not an easy plant to grow, requires lots of care and has played a great part in the islands history. Curiously it was all started by an Englishman, but I wont say anymore, go see for yourself! 
  • If you can go to La Palma in February for the almond blossom, magical.

18 March
GhD - Cornwall
Restaurants on La Palma
  • Meson del Mar at Puerto Espinolda – but lunch might have been better than supper as on the day we were there it was empty and the main cook seemed to have gone off duty. Situation and the welcome both lovely
  • The lower of the two eateries in the square at San Andres.  We had a good lunch there under a sunshade on our way to Santa Cruz. San Andres is a delight and well worth a visit in itself.
  • The bar/restaurant (we can’t remember its name) immediately behind the flowery balconies in Santa Cruz produced a delicious tapas meal which looked as though it was specifically cooked for us and the place was well patronised by locals which we thought a good sign.
18 March
GhD - Cornwall

Walking on La Palma

Our best outings were:

  • Pico de la Nieve which we did after an excellent tour of the Observatory at Roque Muchachos. The peak is not too much of a sweat and gives a fine view into the caldera – you really feel you are up high!
  • Pico Bejenado, near El Paso, again a wonderful viewpoint and a well graded path ( but beware of an inaccurate official red sign about 30 mins after the end of the tarmacked road, where you leave the car, and  go left which is the shorter and easier climb – we didn’t and paid for it, only discovering the better route on the return).
  • Roque de Faro to Zarza via Caldera de Agua; an easy grade all the way and the calderas are hidden, impressive and fascinating.  We caught the bus back from the Zarza archaeological centre to the car in Roque de Faro.
  • Santa Domingo – El Palmar – Juan Adalid and return mostly along the GR 130 coastal path.  Lovely sea views, easy going and surprisingly varied scenery.  We returned in a loop up through the valley of the dragon trees via the PRLP 9 – a slightly sweaty addition which I have to confess did not receive universal approval in our party of two.
  • El Pilar Refuge and southwards, bypassing Brigoyo and on to the peaks behind like Nambroque, was good and there is chance to vary the route back by following the unwaymarked (but clear) tracks shown on the map
  • Fuentcaliente down to the Faro is not that pretty but a good introduction to a raw volcanic landscape. Bus back to the car for wimps like us!
We had two guide books: ‘Walk La Palma’ and the Sunflower guide and while they were useful initially in pointing us the right way we came to rely much more on the waymarked GR and PRLP paths.  They followed good and often ancient routes and finding the way was never a problem.  They avoided the frequently  and unnecessarily over-detailed instructions of the guidebook writers.
18 March
Grantham Mike

Restaurant 'La Casa del Volcan'
We found it quite by chance as we approached the VolcanicPark located next to the crater of Volcan St. Antonio (itself worth a visit as you can look down onto the crater of Teneguie from the viewpoint and it's full of interesting information and interactive displays including an earthquake simulator). We were attracted by the leaflet left under our windscreen that advertised 'Spanish and English spoken and German being learned'!
We opted for tapas washed down by wine produced from the grapes grown outside the front door and were not disappointed. For me the signature dish was morcilla dulce,Canarian sweet black pudding which contains almond rather than lumps of fat.  My wife favoured the rabbit stew and also the smoked goat’s cheese with a range of local mojo salsas. The goat's milk yoghurt with honey was a super finale.  It was value for money, the premises are striking, the staff are friendly and informative, the ambience is restful.
Would we go back?  We did on our last day as we felt that it was so good it would make a fitting end to a super holiday.

Address: Acceso Volcan St. Antonio, Fuencaliente de La Palma


 03 April

La Zarza
Hi, I can really recommend the walk in La Zarza. It's not a scenic walk on the coast or high up more in the forest. Not too many ups and downs but really lovely with little wooden bridges and vines hanging down from the rock face. A real change from other parts of the island. 


 20 April March
P and C, UK

 Los Llanos Museum
We're not really museum people but we thought that the museum in Los Llanos was worth a visit, especially if you want some 'quiet time!' It's free to go in and the exhibits on the ancient tools and archaeology were interesting, even to us! Plus the information panels give a good idea about the island on things we'd never have known. We can recommend it!