Walking Tour - Mountain High and River Deep

Walk to the source of La Palma's natural springs, the Camino Real (Royal Way) and along the uppermost mountain ridge in 7 awe-inspiring days!

Starting in the north east of La Palma, your journey begins with a walk through hand-dug tunnels to the Marcos y Cordero natural springs, followed by a day on the trail of the GR130 Coastal Route Camino Real. Before continue your trek on the GR130 Camino Real, you can enjoy a stunning walk at the very top of the island on the GR131 from Pico de la Cruz to the Roque de Muchachos. With five different lodgings along the way, you can choose to have your luggage transported for you so that you can enjoy the freedom of trail. 

Day One - Arrival

santa cruz - church santa cruz de la palma, islas canarias - balcones beach los cancajos, la palma, canary islands, spain

Arrival at Santa Cruz de la Palma (SPC) Airport and travel to your accommodation. The rest of the day/evening is yours to explore the beautiful and historic capital city of Santa Cruz de La Palma, to spend time sauntering along the cobbled streets, admiring the mansions with wooden balconies and enjoying a drink at one of the plaza cafes. Or you might wish to swim or laze on the beach in readiness for walking.

Day Two –  Marcos y Cordero 


Now the walking begins.  A taxi will collect you from your accommodation and take you to Casa del Monte and the start of the walk to the Marcos y Cordero natural springs - La Palma is the only island in the Canaries with natural running water.  where your accommodation for the night is at a small country hotel in Barlovento.

Day Three - Barlovento to Franceses, El Camino Real GR130

walking the GR130 El Camino Real Trail walking to franceses sea drop off Franceses, garafia, La Palma Islas Canarias Espana

Your walk begins directly from the hotel and from where you join El Camino Real.  Descending into an almost forgotten hamlet, you will see a large group of ancient dragon trees - one of the best representations on La Palma.  Now on the coastal path with impressive cliff-top views all the way, you arrive at a picturesque mountain-top hamlet, after which you descend into a small valley with a colony of caves, three storeys high.  Passing through a lively village with little houses jammed in against the narrow street, the path heads towards the sea and a Mexican ravine with cowboy cactus. The final part of your walk takes you into the French Quarter of the island and through a magical dell with natural springs, caves and wooden-roofed dwellings.
Your accommodation for two nights at a rural bed and breakfast is reached on foot. 

Day Four
 - Franceses to Santo Domingo, El Camino Real GR130

gr130 drago el tablado GR130 overlooking sea gr130 day 4 windmill san domingo

Directly from your accommodation, the route continues along El Camino Real and a descent into the impressive Barranco de los Hombres with its magnificent views over the sea. Crossing the ravine, the zigzag path leads up to the most remote village on La Palma with its curious old houses and huge dragon tree - the subject of many picture postcards!  Walking down a cobbled path towards the sea, the route descends into the beautiful ravine of Barranco Fagundo before rising again and into wooded dells and glades before emerging into the plains of the north.  After a small valley with resident goats and chickens, Santo Domingo with its historic houses and cobbled streets is reached. 
Bus back to accommodation in Franceses (30 minutes). 
(This walk, the hardest on the route, can be changed for a circular walk, a rest day or cultural day with short walk.)

Day Five - Santo Domingo to Puntagorda, El Camino Real GR130

gr130 shady path las tricias GR130 puntagorda, la palma islas canarias spain Walking route GR130, la palma, canaries, spain

Returning by taxi to your start point in Santo Domingo, the walk continues along El Camino Real, passing the old village laundry with its stone basins and further along an original windmill. Now walking along undulating country paths with old stone houses seemingly appearing from nowhere, you arrive in the village of Las Tricias.  Here the cobbled path leads you right past the doors of old houses in this beautiful area which benefits from a favourable micro-climate.  Palm trees give way to pine trees and after a rocky barranco is traversed, the area of Puntagorda is reached.  A forest track of red dust is followed before the route wends its way through the small town and to the next accommodation, a stylish bed and breakfast with all amenities close by.

Day Six Puntagorda to Tijarafe, El Camino Real GR130

walking GR130 river bed walking GR130 view of pines walking tijarafe zig zag

Walking directly from your accommodation, and continuing along El Camino Real the route takes you through a small settlement with its miniature cobbled street.  With just a very short detour, you can see one of La Palma's famous landmarks - a place where the trees grow sideways.  Back on the route again,   
there are impressive views from the elevated path from where the pine-covered ridges of the Caldera feel like a moment away.  A gently sloping path goes down into the lovely ravine where the rocky bed is followed before ascending along a pretty path, lined with wild flowers from early in the year until late summer.
On arrival in Tijarafe, a bus is taken to the final accommodation, a self-catering apartment in Tazacorte right by the beach.

Day Seven: Tijarafe to Tazacorte, El Camino Real, GR130

walking to los llanos, pine trail la palma walking to tijarafe path wild flowers walking to los llanos, la palma canary islands spain

Returning by bus to Tijarafe, the route passes by a cluster of decorated crosses before going into a shallow, pine needle covered barranco. The path ascends along a zigzag route and reaches a rustic bbq area before rising above the road along a country path.  Now deep in the country, old stone houses are passed right by their front door and further along walkers can enjoy a commanding view over the west coast and the ‘sea’ of banana plantations below.  Here, the GR130 route is left and the GR131 is taken to Mirador El Time (a popular look-out point) with its stunning view over Tazacorte, Los Llanos, the Caldera and the south of La Palma.
The path passes several caves, some lived in at least part-time, and at the bottom lies Tazacorte and your accommodation by the beach.  

Day Eight: Taxi to airport.   Hasta la proxima, La Palma.  Until the next time!

Dependant on the exact accommodation - please ask for details.

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