Highlights Walking Holiday

Highlights Tour

Self-guided trekking on La Palma's top walks

We are pleased to offer our fantastic Highlights Tour which includes the classic walks on La Palma plus a few other little gems!
For this walking holiday, you can use a hire car or travel by bus with some use of a taxi.

HIGHLIGHTS - Walk by Walk

  • Flower-filled balconies of historic Santa Cruz capital
  • Cubo de la La Galga Biosphere reserve laurisilva forest
  • GR130 Camino Real ancient walking route and donkey trail
  • The Roque de Muchachos roof of the island and observatories
  • Caldera de Taburiente National Park and Ravine of Angustias
  • The GR131 El Baston Volcano Route and pine forest

 With our self-guided walks on La Palma we've picked out some very special hiking trails including the real showcase walks along with some little secrets of the island.

  Day 1: Santa Cruz and Los Cancajos beach
For your first day on La Palma, you probably want to take things fairly easy and settle yourself into island life. So how about a relax on the beach and a swim just a few minutes from your accommodation. Or a walk into the small capital of Santa Cruz de La Palma and enjoy a stroll along cobbled streets lined with historic mansions and tiny cottages, many of which are festooned in fabulous flower-filled balconies. In what must be the most beautiful capital in the Canaries, you may also want to pause a while at one of the street cafes or leafy plazas to enjoy a cafe barraquito Palmero style!
Accommodation: Hotel or self-catering apartment 

Santa Cruz de la Palma balconies

  Day 2: Circular route - Cubo de La Galga Laurisilva Forest
Heading north on the coast road from Santa Cruz, the first stop is at the Cubo de La Galga, one of the best examples of a laurel forest in the Canary Islands. Walking along a path through the gorge, listen for the birds and enjoy the host of ferns and laurels and even mahogany trees.
If you wish, you can include a mirador (look-out point) in your circular walk. Then enjoy an easy descent past old Canarian houses back to your car. 
Walk: 3.5 hrs 9km
Accommodation: Country Hotel in the north east of La Palma
* Tip: we suggest you take a small detour to one of our favourite little villages by the sea, wander along the marine walk and sample the local dishes at one of plaza restaurants.

  Day 3: Circular route - Off the Beaten Track and water mine
Directly from your accommodation along forested paths, a water gallery (tunnel) mined into the cliff face is reached. Although not permitted inside the tunnel, you can see the old rail tracks on the outside, mining carts and listen to the gushing water. Quite a surprise in the middle of nowhere!
Following on, the GR130 Camino Real de la Costa is reached and a descent is made into the barranco (ravine). The GR130 or Royal Way is the main walking route right around the island which links the villages, towns and hamlets. This section with its communal laundry troughs, stone houses, caves and dragon trees will give you a fantastic flavour of how life used to be lived on La Palma.
Walk: Circular route     3hrs 30 mins 11 kms.
Accommodation: Country Hotel

La Tosca Walk GR130 La Palma
Walk El Tablado GR130 Roque Faro

Day 4: Circular walk - incorporating 3 rustic villages of the north

Directly from your accommodation, walk the circular route along the GR130 from Franceses with its wooden roof dwellings. Hiking down into a beautiful barranco (ravine) and then up to the remote village of El Tablado with caves and 'ancianos' still going about their work on the land, the route then heads up to a mountain village restaurant where you can enjoy a meal of goat cheese and meat cooked over a wood fire. A path through evergreens takes you back to your start point.
Walk: 6 hrs or 4 hrs with use of bus.
Accommodation: as previous night.

Day 5: Roque de Muchachos, GR131 Mirador Andenes and Observatories
This walk begins at the highest point of the island, the Roque de Muchachos, at 2426m. From here you can walk to the mirador to look out over the south of La Palma and the other islands of La Gomera, El Hierro and Tenerife. To enjoy the experience even more, the adjoining GR131 El Baston walking route takes you along the rim of this mountain range (once defined as the largest erosion crater in the world). Along this linear walk you will pass right by the Observatories, the most important Observatories in the Northern Hemisphere, and Roberto's Wall before reaching Mirador Andenes.
Walk: 40 minutes or 4 hrs
Accommodation: Small hotel in Los Llanos near the west coast

  Day 6: Caldera de Taburiente
Drive to the collection point of the Caldera de Taburiente from where a shared all terrain taxi (extra charge) will take you to the start of the route. Following a downhill path, the walk takes you right into the very heart of La Palma's largest gorge, the Barranco of Fear, where the Spanish Conquest of this island was essentially settled. Taking a small detour to see the amazing Dos Aguas waterfall of cascading water in orange and yellow, the gorge is exited with walls of towering stone each side and the route finishes back at the car park.
Walk: 6 hrs
Accommodation: as previous night

  Day 7: Free Day, Cumbrecita or Volcano Route
A free day might include the nearby beach of Tazacorte, a dolphin/whale watching boat trip from the new marina or one of the themed museums.
Still ready for more walking? How about La Cumbrecita, Volcano route or other walks. La Cumbrecita is an almost circular walk with stunning views across the Caldera. Walk: 1hr 30 mins.
Volcano Route - heading up by car into the pine forests, walk along the southern spine of La Palma with stunning views to both the east and west coast. Climb up the Pico Birigoyo extinct volcano before returning on the same route. Walk: 4 hrs
Accommodation: as previous night


Day 8: Return

This holiday includes:
Your personalized itinerary
7 nights accommodation
Full walking notes
Information guide to each area
Walking map
Back-up and on-island support

Not included:
Car hire 
Travel Insurance

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