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30.04.16 Accommodation on the GR131 El Baston La Palma
sent by Steve

How often is the Dance of the Dwarves?
sent by Gareth


Observatory visit at Roque de Muchachos
sent by Andreas and Jutta

09.03.2016 Can any body recommend a Restaurant for Sat night in Puntagorda?
sent by Jane

16.03.2016 Does anybody know anything about the taxi that operates in the Caldera?
sent by Yorkshire Boy


Buses from the airport to Tazacorte?
sent by Suzi

30.04.16 I want to Walk the GR131 El Baston but can't find anything out about where to stay on the route.
Hi there. On the GR131 long distance trek, there is no accommodation apart from a couple of Pensiones in Los Canarias near the start. On the trail there is just the El Pilar campsite near El Paso and the Refugio de los Roques between El Pilar and the Roque de Muchachos. Our walking blog gives info and photos of the various sections: Walking the GR131 La Palma
20.04.2016 How often is the Dance of the Dwarves?
Gareth Hi. I've been on holiday to La Palma before and seen lots of dwarf-themed gifts and T-shirts in the souvenir shops but I've still no idea what it's about. If I could time my next holiday to coincide with seeing them, I'd be really interested!

The famous La Palma Dance of the Dwarves or La Danza de los Enanos is every five years with the next one being in 2015, then 2020, etc. So we can all look forward to the big show next year. You probably also want to know what is the Dance of Dwarves! Basically, the show begins with 12 people dressed as Cardinals who appear from a temporary 'castle' and walk solemnly to centre stage where they sing a selection of beautiful hymns. They then return to the 'castle' only to reappear moments later as polka-dancing dwarfs. The trick is that the dwarves are actually full-size people - I'll let you figure it out but it is cleverly and convincingly done!
This is one of the biggest festivals on La Palma (part of the La Palma Bajada festival) and despite the fact there are 4 or 5 performances on the same night, it's a sell out months in advance. There are some vantage points though although you won't perhaps get to see the whole stage. Parking is almost non-existent so best take the bus. You might find this link useful which is the Santa Cruz town hall information page on it:

07.04.2016 Observatory visit at Roque de Muchachos
 Andreas and Jutta

Is it necessary to book a visit to the observatories on La Palma or can you just go up there?  I'd love to get any information about looking around. 



The answer to the question is that you always need to book a visit in advance. For online booking you need to go here: (only for over 12 years old). If preferred dates are not available you could enter a waiting list. For high season such as Easter, summer or Xmas is strongly advised to book at least with 10-14 days in advance.

09.03.2016 Restaurants in Puntagorda?
Jane Can any body recommend a Restaurant for Sat night in Puntagorda?






Restaurante Virgin del Pino – near the clock tower, opposite Mar y Monte pension. Varied menu, eating inside or out, really great setting.
Restaurante Naranja - turn on the Avenida, by the clock tower. Take the road on your left, after you have passed the Coop Max on your right. Then drive down and at the end of the road, go to the right, park your car there, Naranja is right on the left side.El Kiosko – Open when the Puntagorda market is on (Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning).The food is very good, the portions are ‘big.'
The Pizzeria is on the big/long Avenida with the white balustrade. The pizzas are really good! Baked on wood, thin and tasty!!
Parilla - on the main road from El Time to the North by the turning for Puntagorda. It’s nice, local food. You can eat sausages by ½, 1, 1½ ….. meters!!!
Restaurante Muralla - between Tinizara and Tijarafe!! A modern building, OK food, great view.    

 16.03.2016 Taxi prices Caldera
Yorkshire Boy Does anybody know anything about the taxi that operates in the Caldera?
N and C
from Berlin

Caldera Taxi price was 51 EUR for the taxi in March 2014 when we went up but if you find a couple to share, you can share the taxi and the price. So if you are walking the Caldera, the best idea is to get there reasonably early (certainly before 11.00 hrs) to have the best chance of sharing a taxi.

 03.02.16 Buses from the airport to Tazacorte
 Hi there, can anyone tell me about the buses on La Palma. Is it possible to get from the airport to Tazacorte by bus? Thanks!








Very possible although it takes three buses. If you wish, you can use a taxi for the first and/or last journeys which are quite short.
Bus number 500 from Airport to Santa Cruz. Buses run every 30 minutes – for example, 15.10, 15.40, 16.10, 16.40 hrs.  After 15.40 hrs, weekends and fiestas, they only run every hour. Journey time 20 minutes. Get off at the terminus in Santa Cruz (by the sea port and roundabout).
Bus number 300 from Santa Cruz to Los Llanos.  Buses run every 30 minutes – for example, 13.30, 14.00, 14.30, 15.00 hrs. After 15.00 hrs, weekends and fiestas, they only run ever hour on the hour. Journey time 50 minutes.  Get off at the terminus in Los Llanos (bus station).
Bus number 207 from Los Llanos to Tazacorte. Buses run every hour – for example, 14.45, 15.45, 16.45, 17.45 hrs., etc. The timetable does not change for weekends and fiestas. Journey time 15 minutes.  The bus stops at a large white building, ‘Restaurante Casa del Mar.’
Bus number 100 from Los Llanos to Tazacorte.  Bus run every hour – for example, 16.15 (not 17.15), 18.15, 19.15hrs, etc.  Weekends and fiestas, the bus only runs every other hour, on the even hour, past 15 minutes. 
La Palma bus timetable


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