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  1. Observatory Tours at Roque de Muchachos, La Palma

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    It's all James Bond stuff up at the Roque de Muchachos Observatory - if you're thinking about taking a tour at the La Palma Observatory at El Roque de Muchachos (ORM), we can highly recommend it! 

    It's something that we are often asked about and no wonder, the Roque de Muchachos Observatory is one of three best observatories on Earth - and home to the largest optical telescope in the world.
    Taking a trip up to the Roque de Muchachos is practically a must while on La Palma. At 2426m above sea level and the highest point on
    La Palma, it's an awesome drive to the top and an even more awesome view when you get there! 

    So don't miss the opportunity to tie in the visit to the Observatory with some sightseeing and maybe a walk along the GR131 El Baston walking route while you're there. Just a tip though -