2-Centre Walking Holiday

2-Centre Walking Holiday

With two different accommodatons from which to explore the walking routes,
all walks are self-guided with full walking notes and map provided so that you get the best out of your holiday on La Palma. 


Day 1 - Arrival

The first day of your holiday is usually about settlng and spending the remaining hours after your flight taking a look around. What better way to do it than to explore the cobbled streets of Santa Cruz. This beautiful capital city of La Palma is filled with historic mansions, plazas, balconies flowing with flowers and of course the good nature of our friendly locals!
Accommodation: Small hotel or self-catering apartment

Day 2 - La Galga San Andres

The first stop is at the Cubo de La Galga, one of the best examples of a laurel forest in the Canary Islands. Walking along a path through the gorge, listen for the birds and enjoy the host of ferns and laurels and even mahogany trees.
If you wish, you can include a mirador (look-out point) in your circular walk. Then enjoy an easy descent past old Canarian houses back to your car.
Walk: 3.5 hrs 9km
Looking for lunch? Then head off to San Andres - the prettiest village on the island. In the village square, you can sample food from the local restaurants. From here take a very pleasant stroll along the sea front to the beach of Puerto Espindola and the Charco Azul sea pool - you can swim at either :)
What a great way to end the day!

Day 3 - Barlovento to Franceses GR130

Route GR130 – 10.8 km – 5 hours

What you can expect to see:

Dragon trees, cave settlement, wooden-roofed dwellings, constant wow factors above coast.

Day 4 - Option A : Circular Walk or Option B : La Zarza cultural day with walk

Option A: Circular walk from accommodation – Franceses to El Tablado to Roque Faro to Franceses
Walk: 5.5 hrs
What you can expect to see:
Fantastic sea views, traverse spectacular ravine, remote village of El Tablado, heart of La Palma's greenland, country paths then woodland trail down to Franceses.
Option B: Starting at La Zarza museum and exhibition centre, where you can a short circular walk to see the pre-Hispanic rock engravings. From here the path passes through woodland and natural springs.
Walk: 3.5hrs

Day 5 - Travel to 2nd Accommodation via Roque de Muchachos

From Franceses, your journey begins with a drive up to the Roque de Muchachos, the highest point of the island at 2426m above sea level. Just before reaching the top, you'll drive by the observatories - if you'd like us to arrange a guided tour of an observatory, just let us know (tours are daytime only, availability dependant, price 9€ pp). 
From the top of the islalnd, the Roque de Muchachos, the walk is along the GR131 El Baston to Mirador Andennes with spectacular views all the way. On a clear day, you can see the whole of the south of the island, Tenerife, La Gomera and El Hierro.
Walk: 1hr 30mins each way (linea walk)

Day 6 - Caldera de Taburiente

From the top of the island, the Caldera de Taburiente takes us into its heart. Beginning at the entrance to the biggest ravine on the island, the Barranco de Angustias (Ravine of Fear), the shuttle transport takes you to the start point of Las Brecitos above the ravine. From here, the path heads down into the ravine before meandering along the ravine bed. The giant walls at each side of the ravine might be more reminiscent of the Rockies of Colarado.
During the walk, you might be lucky enough to see the Dos Aguas, the waterfall of orange and red water which flows after rain and carries the colour of the minerals within the rock.

Day 7 - Volcano Route

Route GR131 – 16.5km - 6.5 hrs

What you can expect to see:

Pine forests, both the east and west of La Palma as well as traverse the volcanoes of the south.

This route involves the use of a car or taxi to the start of the route, then bus and taxi at the end of the walk.

Day Eight - hometime or extended holiday

Home Time

If you think you'd love to explore the best of La Palma with this self-guided walking holiday, here's what's included:


7 nights Accommodation
Personalized itinerary
Detailed walking information
Information guide to each area
Freytag & Berndt hiking map

Extended Holiday on La Palma!

Why not stay a little longer - maybe extend your time walking the route, taking it more slowly or add a rest day along the way.

Or how about a second week, staying in one of our rural houses or apartments by the sea. That way, you have the option of further walks on La Palma such as the Volcano Route, Roque de Muchachos or the Caldera de Taburiente.

Holiday Accommodations on La Palma

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